Pregnancy Progress

I am IN LOVE with the chalkboard pregnancy updates! They are so cute and customizable and much more visable in photos than the adorable stickers I have for my belly bump.

Pregnancy Progress

Chalkboard4 chalkboard3

I gave in and instead of being crafty, I ordered a 2 foot by 3 foot board from Amazon and some liquid write chalk sticks.

I LOVE the idea of not only using the chalk board for pregnancy bump progress, but for the growth and development of baby LaRowe when he/she is born for a month by month photo documentation!

I can’t wait to give my pregnancy progress photos a facelift!

So much of pregnancy has been fun and easy: I feel very lucky.  I just wish I had more time and more sleep!

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One thought on “Pregnancy Progress

  1. I loved little baby garvin too, still do! Can’t wait to see your chalk board updates. Glad your pregnancy has been so easy, gotta be a boy!

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